Multi-family pest treatment in Wilder KY

Performing multi-family pest treatments since our inception, Snowball Pest Control understands how to operate in multi-family dwellings like apartment building and condos. We have a detailed check list that we offer in our 90 day protection plan in Northern KY

Our 90 Day Pest Control Protection Plan

     Treatment of Units:

  • Each unit will be treated for roaches and any other pest.
  • General Inspection of Units
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Condition of unit (housekeeping, damages and condition of carpet)
  • Drips, Leaks or running commodes
  • Any maintenance orders that we find or are brought to our attention
  • Any other items you would like our technicians to check for (ex. Pets)
  • All units and all pests under rotation plan will be covered for as long as you stay on the plan at no extra cost: excluding bedbugs.
  • Complete service report on all treated apartments left with manager.

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