General pest control treatments in Northern Kentucky- Boone, Kenton, & Campbell County KY

Different pests require different pest control treatments. If you are experiencing difficulties with any of the pests below, we ask that you take the time to prepare your home or office in the Northern KY area accordingly. Preparation is key to solving your problem safely and quickly. For general pest treatment:


  • Make sure the garbage has been removed from the house
  • Remove items from the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and place them in other rooms of the house
  • Remove all items from the counter top, microwaves and major appliances can stay


General pests include: centipedes, crickets, silverfish, pill bugs, spiders and more.

  • Pick up things from the floor and move them away from the baseboards
  • Take things off the window sills and away from the doors

Ants (Excluding Pharoah)

  • Remove items from under your kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Make the water heater closet accessible for technicians

For all treatments

  • Dogs must be contained in a cage or bedroom during treatment
  • Treatments are mandatory
  • Note how many times how often you see the pest
Man performing pest control in Northern Kentucky